Understanding the Scope of Public Liability: Types of Public Liability Claims

21 Jul 2022

The term ‘public liability’ can be confusing to the lay person. A person may be misled into believing that it relates only to injuries in a public space, such as a park, mall, etc.

In reality, however, it means more than this. The owner or occupier of any premises owes a duty of care to the public. Therefore in addition to public spaces, injuries occurring on privately owned property are considered to be public liability claims.

To clarify and understand the scope of public liability, we have provided some common scenarios below.

Business Premises:

The owner or occupier of business premises has a duty of care towards its customers, or anyone entering upon their premises to provide a safe means of access without slip, trip, or fall hazards. Frisina Lawyers have regularly come across injuries that have occurred in shopping centers, due to an unattended spillage or other hazard that has caused an injury.

 Public Places:

Some public places where injuries may occur are:

  • Schoolyards;
  • Amusement parks;
  • Sporting events;
  • Concerts;
  • Common walkways in a building;
  • Public parks;

This is not a definitive list and there may be other locations where an injury may occur. If you have any doubt regarding whether you’re entitled to make a public liability claim, please contact Frisina Lawyers.

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