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29 Jun 2021

When should you choose Personal Injury Lawyers?

Every year many personal injuries occur in New South Wales. Some people are injured in motor vehicle accidents, many while at work and others are injured on public or private property. There are many types of personal injury claims, and it is critical for an injured person to get the best legal advice in order to receive the compensation they deserve.

The legal system in New South Wales is extremely difficult to navigate and almost impossible for an injured person to manage their claim on their own.

If you have been injured, we encourage you to obtain legal advice from a suitably qualified lawyer as soon as possible. Below are a few reasons why you should choose specialised personal injury lawyers or law firms Sydney.

Why do you need personal injury lawyers? 

A personal injury lawyer is an expert that is familiar with the nuances of the law and is able to guide an injured person through the claims process. Insurance companies often resist paying compensation to an injured party. They will also occasionally argue that they are not liable for your injury or that you were at least partly or totally at fault for your injury and therefore refuse to compensate you. You may need to commence proceedings in the appropriate Tribunal or Court in such circumstances. An insurance company is likely to have their own legal representation and therefore, an injured person is best served by retaining their own lawyer to advance their case before the Tribunal or Court.

Seeking personal injury lawyers in Sydney, New South Wales? 

Frisina Lawyers is a legal firm with a specialised personal injury compensation lawyer located in Liverpool, New South Wales. We understand the impact a personal injury may have on a person’s health and well-being. We are committed to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Four Steps to Claim Workers Compensation

When injured worker initially reports a workplace accident, they may get a lot of input from their friends, their medical service providers, and claims managers. This information can be overwhelming at times for an injured person who may never have been through the process previously. Furthermore, a work injury can be a traumatic and disturbing experience. Often, a work injury requires time to heal which in turn requires time off work to recover. This is especially stressful if you are the family’s sole or principle earner. If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation to assist with your recovery.

What are you entitled to? 

Medical and related treatment expenses Income support in the form of weekly compensation benefits Rehabilitation services Lump sum compensation (subject to the relevant impairment threshold)

Legal steps to claim workers compensation:

STEP 1 – Report Injury to Employer 

Every employer must maintain an injury book or event report, where you can fill out details of your injury. In the event that your employer does not have one, you should provide a written notification (such as an email to your employer setting out the time, Date, circumstances, and nature of your injury.

STEP 2 – Consult Your Doctor 

You should receive medical attention from your general practitioner. You should state the reasons for your visit, how your injury occurred, and the nature of your injury. The doctor will provide you with appropriate medical advice and a Certificate of Capacity.

STEP 3 – Complete a Worker’s Injury Claim Form 

You should complete a worker’s injury claim from (which can be obtained from the SIRA website) and submit it with your Certificate of Capacity to icare NSW. This can be done via their email address at You should keep a copy of all documents submitted to icare.

STEP 4 – Consult Your Lawyer 

Following your submission of the worker’s injury claim form to icare, the insurer, may either accept your claim within 21 days or state that your claim has been reasonably excused. In any event, you should consult a personal injury lawyer to obtain legal advice on your options.

Need a lawyer by your side?

Frisina Lawyers have expertise in workers compensation under the New South Wales Workers Compensation Scheme and have specialist staff that recognise the detrimental effect a workplace injury can have on one’s health and wellbeing. We are dedicated to assisting you with your workers compensation claim. Please call us on 02 9602 4999.

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