Facts You Should Know Before Making A Compensation Claim

20 Apr 2023

A person injured in an accident at work or on the road can usually seek compensation from insurers or other accountable parties under NSW law. If you are in a dilemma regarding your personal injury case, the most appropriate option you have is to consult with Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers in Sydney.

Below are some basic facts concerning personal injury compensation that you should be aware of concerning your potential claim.

Time limitations for personal injury claims

Most personal injury claims require notice of a claim within a certain time period. (For instance, if you intend to claim statutory benefits under the Motor Accidents Injury Act or Workers Compensation Act). Proceedings for a personal injury common law claim must be commenced in the court within 3 years of the date of the accident.

Claiming Damages for your injury

Depending on the nature of your claim you may be entitled to receive reimbursement of past and future treatment expenses, lost earnings, care, and pain and suffering.

The calculation of damages depends on many varying factors including but not limited to the extent of your injuries and how your ability to earn has been affected, amongst other things.

Procedure for claiming compensation

The relevant procedure for claiming compensation will depend largely on the type of accident that led to your injury. For instance, there are different rules and regulations governing motor accident claims, workers compensation claims, and occupiers’ liability claims.

Frisina Lawyers, Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers in Sydney, will be able to assist you navigate the different claims procedures and pursue your claim in the relevant tribunal or court if required.

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