6 Important Tips When Making A Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim

06 Oct 2021

Once you have decided to submit a motor accident personal injury claim, there are a number of things that are necessary for you to do in order to successfully claim compensation.

After an accident, what you do next is crucial, and there are several essential aspects within your control that can assist you in claiming compensation. Here are a few suggestions that may help your claim:

Make a record of your accident

A Motor Accident Personal Injury Claim may be accepted or rejected based on the evidence you provide. It is essential that an accurate record of the accident be made.

This includes obtaining the license details of any other driver and the registration number of any vehicle involved in the motor vehicle accident, details of any witnesses to the accident.

An early report of your motor vehicle accident to Police is essential. You should obtain the Police Event number from them.

If it is possible, take photographs of the accident scene including all vehicles involved in the accident. You should also take a photograph of your injuries.

Get medical treatment

You should obtain medical or related treatment for your injuries after the accident. Details of all injuries should be accurately recorded by your medical treatment service provider.

Even if you are unsure of the degree of your injuries, you should seek medical help. Follow your doctor’s advice whenever he/she proposes a treatment plan. The treatment plan may be for Psychological and/or physical therapy treatment.

Don’t be too eager

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents often take time to heal. Depending on the nature of your injuries, your condition may not stabilise for a considerable period of time, sometimes years.

It is important to be patient with the treatment of your claim and the subsequent legal processes involved to ensure the best possible result.

Build your case

Over the course of your claim, you may need to consult a variety of medical specialist practitioners. This may include specialist medical practitioners appointed by your Compensation lawyer and others appointed by the insurer. As you are most likely claiming compensation for physical injuries or psychological harm, it is necessary to obtain the right medical evidence to support your claim.

Don’t wait too long to make your claim

After an injury, you only have a specific period of time to bring a claim. If a claim is not brought in time it may be difficult to establish a full and satisfactory explaination to bring your claim later and you may lose your rights to claim.

Engaging a personal injury compensation lawyer

A skilled personal injury lawyer can assist you in determining the best strategy for preparing your motor accident compensation claim.

Your lawyer will work hard to present you and your case in the best possible light. However, the legal procedure demands patience. A car accidents lawyer will assist you in navigating and pursuing your claim.

Claiming damages is not a simple process and is often complicated by the relevant practice and procedure. Frisina Lawyers has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the different rules and get the compensation you deserve.

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