Motor Accident Injury Claims

28 Apr 2022

What causes car accidents in Australia?

Learning about some of the most common causes of road accidents in Australia may assist you in identifying potential hazards and staying safe on the road.

Some of the most common causes of automobile accidents in Australia are discussed here. Reading the information provided below, you could also learn when it is necessary to obtain advice from a personal injury lawyer and apply for motor accident injury compensation in NSW.

The most common causes of traffic accidents in Australia are as follows:

According to the Department of infrastructure, transport, regional development, and communication, about 1132 road fatalities were reported between December 2019 and November 2020.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has identified five groups of drivers who are particularly dangerous on the road.

The most common cause of road fatalities in Australia were weariness, excessive speed, intoxication, failure to wear a seatbelt, distraction or inattention, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The statistics on car accidents are shown below:


Driving while fatigued has the potential to have serious consequences. According to the NRSPP, fatigue is a contributing factor in 25% of fatal road crashes. Driver weariness is 4 times more likely than drugs or alcohol to be a contributing cause to impairment than any of these substances.

When driving long distances, it is important to take frequent rest breaks and, if at all possible, switch drivers on a regular basis. Avoid driving during times when you would normal be asleep, and if you start to feel tired when driving, pull over and rest for a few minutes.


Speeding is the most single significant cause of death on our roadways. It is a contributing factor in 32% of all road fatalities in Australia. Even slight increases in speed may lead to a road accident.

According to the Road Accident Research Unit, each 5km increase in speed above 60km/h increases a person’s probability of being involved in a road casualty by a factor of 2. A simple 5km/h reduction in speed can result in at least a 15% reduction in accidents.


Alcohol is a contributing factor in 30% of all road traffic fatalities in Australia. More than one in every 4 drivers involved in a motor accident have a blood alcohol content above the legal limit.

Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to impaired judgment of distance and speed, decreased vision, and delayed reaction times.

Failure to use a seatbelt while driving

According to the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland, unrestrained vehicle users are 8 times more likely to die in a car accident than those who are restrained in a vehicle. Wearing a seatbelt that is properly set can minimize the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 50% in some situations. Failure to buckle up is not a direct cause of accidents, but it does appear to have an impact on the likelihood of death occurring in a car collision.


There are numerous types of distractions that occur, including:

  • Looking at a mobile phone
  • Not paying attention to the road
  • Disruptive noises
  • Taking your hands off the steering wheel
  • Not concentrating on the task at hand

According to the National Road Safety and Prevention Program, driver attention is a factor in at least 20% of all fatalities.


Unfortunately, accidents can still occur even when all measures are taken. Our personal injury lawyers in Sydney will assist you with your motor accident injury claim if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. For a free consultation, please contact our legal firm.

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