How Long Does it Take for Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Claims

06 Dec 2021

Compensation for road mishaps varies by state and territory in Australia since they are determined by who is responsible for the event. There are “no-fault” and “fault” schemes in Australia — and some combine the two. Road mishap  compensation claims are accepted under “no-fault” systems regardless of who caused the collision. Since each state and territory has its own set of laws, we always recommend that you see an expert car accidents lawyers in Sydney for legal guidance.


The industry standard for motor vehicle compensation claims in Sydney is between three and five years, depending on the nature of the claim. For individuals who have recently been involved in a car accident and are reading this, this may seem like a long time, much more so if you are experiencing financial hardship due to your inability to work. It’s a genuine nightmare, and we comprehend entirely. FRISINA’s car accident and personal Injury lawyers are on your side and will do all possible to expedite the resolution of your claim. We aim to avoid you being stranded at home without money, income, or compensation, even more so if you are innocent!

In some instances, we can cut the time required to process a claim, and in certain instances, claims are processed within 18 months. We are significantly faster than the industry average and frequently much faster. That demonstrates our superiority.

Whom am I suing for compensation following a motor vehicle mishap ?

Motor vehicle owners residing in New South Wales are required to obtain Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance under the programme. Thus, any claims for reimbursement  arising from motor vehicle mishap s may be made against the insurance of the person who caused the mishap .

What factors influence the settlement of motor vehicle accident claim?

While the motor vehicle mishap  may have occurred some time ago, certain motor vehicle mishap  reimbursement  claim takes considerably longer to resolve. Numerous scheduling elements will influence the length of time it takes to finalise your claim, and you may discover that the longer this procedure goes, the more equitable your reimbursement  payout will be. Consider the following temporal factors:

You have only one opportunity to assert your claim.

The injured party will have just one opportunity to pursue a motor vehicle accident compensation NSW.

Once you’ve filed a claim and it’s been resolved, additional claims cannot be filed. Hence, it is crucial that the claim accurately reflects the nature of your injuries and expenses, as you will be eligible for just one reimbursement payment.

It is necessary to provide time for your injuries to heal or stabilise.

Compensation claims for motor vehicle mishaps are often settled after you have recovered from your injuries or your injuries have stabilised. Some people recover from injuries in a couple of days or weeks, while others need months or even years, resulting in substantially lengthier processing times for these claims.

It is best to wait until the injuries are healed or stabilised before filing a claim, as any injuries sustained in an mishap  may worsen over time or may not heal completely. It is necessary to determine whether any further medical assistance is required for complete recovery. If yes, the amount incurred in the treatment has to be added in the total mishap compensation claim. Additionally, injuries do not usually manifest immediately following an mishap  but may take time. Whiplash injuries, for example, are pretty common in motor accidents and frequently result in subsequent neck discomfort, back pain, or muscular spasms.

Any injuries acquired in an mishap should be evaluated promptly by a medical professional. Medical records and receipts must be retained as evidence in the event of a motor vehicle accident compensation claim.

You’ve incurred financial obligations.

Motor mishap compensation cases can take time to resolve, as it is required to ascertain all of the expenses for which you are entitled to reimbursement. For instance, it is necessary to precisely assess the amount of income you have lost as a result of your injuries, as well as the amount spent on hospital bill, treatment, and rehabilitation. If long-term damage is likely, future medical expenses must also be estimated.

If your accident results in more than 10% total impairment, you may also be compensated for your difficulty in mobility, pain, and loss of work due to injuries. 

The payment of reimbursement is not instantaneous.

Once a motor vehicle accident reimbursement claim is handled, and the reimbursement payout amount is determined, the opposing party may take some time to pay you. This payment may be made in a flat sum or installments, as per the requirement of the claim.


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