Five Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

25 Aug 2021

Receiving compensation often requires the engagement of a lawyer specialised in the task to ensure you have the best compensation lawyer on your side who will defend your rights and represent your interests.

There are many skilled personal injury lawyers in Sydney that would be willing to take on your case, however, not every lawyer will be a good fit for you. The process of engaging a lawyer can be overwhelming for many people, as they rarely need legal assistance during their lifetime. This in turn could lead them to choose the wrong lawyer.

What kind of lawyer do you need for your personal injury case in Sydney

Personal Injury Law can be confusing and complex and there are different laws that regulate compensation for injuries that occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, work accidents or slip and falls.

A lawyer specialised in personal injury law can provide the most effective legal preparation and pursuit of your claim.

Personal injury law specialists are accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales. A Personal Injury Law Specialist has the skill and experience to effectively provide the best advice for your claim.

In this post, we provide you with tips on how to engage a lawyer best suited to your claim.

Tips for choosing the right personal injury lawyer

1. Speak to friends or family

Personal injury claims occur more often than you may believe. Quite often speaking with your friends or family will uncover their own personal experiences with injury and engagement with a lawyer. Requesting a recommendation may be incredibly useful since your friends or family will provide you with a reliable source of information about the lawyer's services.

2. Online research

Finding a lawyer on the internet can be a highly effective method. To obtain relevant results, try a search for phrases like, "personal injury lawyer in Sydney" and "top lawyer in Sydney for personal injury." Then, check the reviews of lawyers and law firms. These should give you insight into the law firm's service. We also recommend that you look through our Frisina Lawyers webpage, which has detailed information about the services we provide and the types of matters in which we specialise.

3. Know their experience

A lawyer's experience is critical in deciding whether they are qualified to handle your case. In your initial meeting with the lawyer, enquire about past cases they have handled and whether any of them are comparable to yours.

Our team at Frisina Lawyers understands the importance of this while also being aware of the rules that apply to specific situations. We have specialist lawyers who understand your case with specific expertise in personal injury law.

4. Utilise free consultations

Many accident victims who seek representation for their claim feel that hiring a professional lawyer will be too costly or time-consuming and therefore are discouraged from making a claim. However, you should not hesitate to enquire about your claim. Frisina Lawyers offer a FREE first legal consultation to discuss your case, by telephone or in-person.

A free consultation will help you determine whether you have a case worth pursuing.

5. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer

When making a final decision on the personal injury lawyer you wish to represent you a face to face consultation is recommended. This often assists with determining whether the personal injury lawyer is a suitable fit for your requirements and for you to ask relevant questions about your personal injury claim. You can compare the experience, specialisation and answers of a number of lawyers before deciding who is suitable to represent you in your case.

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